Craftsman Sidewinder Tape Measure

Bored with utilizing worm drive tape measures? Craftsman now affords the primary ever sidewinder tape measure. Sorry for the tacky joke – I couldn’t assist myself. In case you didn’t get the joke, there isn’t any such factor as worm drive tape measures. Worm drive and sidewinders are references to kinds of round saws, however anyhow Craftsman does provide a brand new sidewinder tape measure.

What makes the Craftsman sidewinder tape measures distinctive is that the tape comes out sideways. This permits the tape measure physique to put flat on its facet as you lay out the tape. This design is for stability and to stop tip overs.


Total it seems just about like primary tape measure designs apart from the blade being positioned sideways because it comes out. It nonetheless makes use of the identical internals as an everyday tape besides it features a mechanism that turns the tape to its facet because it comes out.

Different options embrace a rear catch that grabs on to the sting of fabric for one handed measurements so you’ll be able to lay the tape and “hook” on the physique on the tip of fabric when you pull out the blade.

The blade has straightforward to learn fractions with quantity labeling for quarters, eights, and sixteenths. This could vastly assist people who have a tough studying tape measures.

It has an auto blade lock similar to Komelon tapes and different self locking tapes. The final function is a writable floor on the again of the tape to jot down measurements or small notes. I’d stick to make use of with a pencil and eraser in any other case it’s usefulness would run quick with pen markings.

It is available in a 25 foot blade size and is priced at $19.99


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